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Orientalist Paintings by Jean-François Portaels

An Oriental Beauty by Jean-Francois Portaels

Jean-François Portaels (1818 – 1895) was a Belgian orientalist painter and director of the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels. Work and influence Portaels was an extremely prolific artist. Huge oil paintings adorning the walls of St Jacques-sur-Caudenberg; biblical scenes, such as The Daughter of Sion Reviled (in the Brussels Gallery), The Death of Judas, The Magi…

Miniature Painting Project by Lorraine Loots

  A continuation of her miniature painting project: Potluck 100 by South African artist Lorraine Loots. The new series involves 100 new artworks painted in four categories: Microcosm Mondays, Tiny Tuesdays (vintage book covers),Fursdays, and Free Fridays (images of anything). All 100 paintings are being auctioned on her Instagram account and a limited edition of…