These innovative bike tires by Nexo can’t get flat

Never deal with flat tires on your bicycle again. Wouldn’t that be awesome? No air, no liners, but a genius design and custom materials to ensure you keep riding your bike. Utah-based tech company Nexo is been working to make sure that your tires never go flat again.

Although the puncture-free tires are not a completely new concept, they always had some problems like stiffness, poor shock absorption, weight etc. What Nexo offers is a tire made from polymeter blends that are said to offer not only a perfect balance of cushion and resilience but be last  from 3,100 miles for the model mountable on existing wheels and to 5,000 miles for the entire new wheel set made by Nexo. More than that: the tires by Nexo are also an eco-friendlier solution because the tire is made from a single material which makes it more easy to recycle. And this is a huge point that matters because around 10 million tons of bike tires and tubes are discarded every year.

Source and more info: kickstarter (h/t: treehugger, boredpanda)



These innovative bike tires by Nexo can’t get flat



Users can mount them on their wheels or purchase entirely new wheel sets from Nexo

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