Lawyer Posts Funny Legal Tips Based On True Stories Really Happened In His 19 Years Career

The cases a lawyer has to work on can really have awkward stories as background. At least that’s the case for L. Scott Briscoe, a lawyer from West Virginia who has been posting hilarious and funny advice inspired by his actual experience as a lawyer on Facebook for some years now. The lawyer has picked up a bunch of funny tips during his nineteen years of legal practice and shares them on his Facebook page. His tips are covering almost everything from what not to wear in a courtroom to how not to cheat a drug test. There is no guarantee they will actually be useful but at least they will give you short story to laugh about. Have a look at some of his posts or follow his page on Facebook if you don’t want to miss one of his hilarious “legal advice” in future.

Source and more info: Facebook (h/t: collegehumor)



“When charged with indecent exposure, do not wear you crotchless blue jeans to court”


“When running from the scene of your crime, the law will be able to track you down if you leave behind your wallet. And your car. And your friends sitting in the car.”


“When swearing in a one-armed man to testify, do not ask him to raise his missing hand”

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