Photostory About Car Reparation In Havana

A blue Plymouth from 1951 is jacked up on two car rims in the middle of a street in Havana. Covered half by the engine compartment. A local man is repairing his vintaged car. A scene which you can often see in the city of Havana. In the front of ramshackle facades, local people patch their cars. In Havana streets become garages. Whether if it’s midday or evening. Car owners are welding, drilling and screwing. Thomas Meinicke traveled Cuba and created a photostory about the situation of car reparation on the streets of Havana.

Preserving these classic cars, however, is rather difficult because spare parts are rare. One have to use what is available. An old Chevrolet sports an improvised stylistic mix of different manufacturers: the engine is from a Ford, parts of the body have been borrowed from a Dodge and the stick is from a Buick. It is completely normal for the people in Cuba to install parts from other manufacturers or to build them by themselves. But as important as these cars may be for the local Cubans, most of these automobile owners do wish to have new vehicles.

Even though more and more imports find their way to the streets of Cuba, most citizens cannot afford these expensive cars. In the long run newer automobiles will change the streetscape of the island and gradually replace the classical cars.

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A blue Plymouth from 1951 is jacked up on two car rims in the middle of a street in Havana






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