Underwater Portraits Mirroring The Drama In The Life Of its Artist ​Cheryl Walsh

Cheryl Walsh shoots photos underwater. It is where she feels most comfortable. She describesthe origin of her artwork as a place of weakness. She believes is a certain loveliness, making something beautiful out of a limited source. She describes herself as an introverted person, who prone to depression and anxiety and is easily overwhelmed when she is around groups of people. After years of trying to fight it, she accepted that this is the way she is living.

Her primary business is high school senior editorial-style portrait photography. She likes the transition from the childhood to adulting that a teenager is going through, and thinks that it is very important to capture that in a way that truly represents who that person is. As a working artist it is verry important for Walsh to have an outlet for her own creativity. Her underwater artwork is all about her and her story rather than the model, who is captured in the photograph. Being underwater allows Walsh to do that in a way that is most conducive to her personality. Every image she shots has a deep story behind – often about dramatic scenes in her own life. Her models are graceful, strong, beautiful, competent, fearless, relaxed, and everything that Walsh believes, that she is not. But in this point we do not agree with Walsh. Walsh is where she wants to be and is doing what she loves.

Walsh describes the set of a photoshooting as a horrible place to act creative. Too many (talking and moving) people, lights and gear around and behind her are hindering her. The very first time she took a photo underwater, with a simple point-and-shoot camera, she was sure that was the place for her to be. At the bottom of her pool it is quiet and there is simply one other person, everything moves in slo, the colors are more intense, the light is not too intense, and  there is no one who can bothe. Underwater fine art photography is not only an art but also a science: you can’t have one without the other. It tooks her a long time to figure out the exact science so that she could simply focus on the art. Now that she has experienced the scince, she feels just like a dream dream of her comes true. It is all in her own private studio, where she can connect with humanity on her own terms.

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Here you can see Cheryl Walsh’s photoshooting behind the scenes

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