Change The Way You See Landscape Fotografy

Modifeye is a very interessting artist who likes to see and show things differently. Some of his more recent work involved manipulating large bodies of water into a captivating and thought-provoking image.

Below you will see finished projects, followed by some of the support imagery he shot to create it.

Source and more info: Facebook | Instagram

Artificial Beauty

Shot at the famous Wanaka Tree in Southern New Zealand.


Wanaka tree, the original image that sparked the idea. This tree is famous because of how unnatural it seems to be growing in the middle of the lake. I wanted to create a scene where the tree was in a more logical location (in a field) but have someone create the beauty around it.

This is how it was created


Play time is over at Lake Louise


A fun rumor about Lake Louise is that workers drain the lake each year before the summer and paint the basin bright blue, giving it that amazing turquoise color. So what would Lake Louise look like if someone were to drain it?


Original image

These are the things, used to make this manipulation


Be you(tiful)

Stunning Peyto Lake, Canada. Surround yourself with beauty.

The process

The process

The process

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