Brian Western Turns Beer Bottles Into Beautifully Curved Leaves

Brian Western is a stained-glass artist from Minnesota, but he’s also avid beer lover. He joined the two into a spectacular marriage of curves and colors to create glass leaves. A selection of bottles come from Leffe Blonde, Tripel Karmeliet, Victory Old Horizontal, Anchor Steam, and Bell’s Two Hearted Ale.

Some of his creations are also made from wine and whiskey bottles, and antique German glass. He also crafts other animals, along with fish and insects; gorgeous honey bees, chickens, squirrels, trout, and dragon flies…

Source and more info: Etsy

Newcastle Brown Ale Painted Maple Leaf

Peroni Linden Leaf And Seed


Belgian Leffe And American Two Hearted Ale Elm Leaves



Belgian Leffe, American Two Hearted Ale Elm Leaves

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