Andrei Chivote Quits His Job To Make Lamps From Old Headlights Found In His Garage

Two years ago, Radu Nita teamed up with  Andrei Chivote to create a lamp out of the old headlights Chivote had around the garage, with no thoughts on selling it in the future. They made it with all the features they’d love a lamp to have, with ergonomics in mind, and with a unique design. It had to be out of the ordinary and fun to have around the office or house.

The Lampster is a lamp made out of old tractor headlights, designed to be used both as a desk lamp or an ambient lamp. It’s got two light sources, a clear one, controlled by touch, and an RGB one controlled by mobile, change the color or intensity from anywhere in the room. And to make it even cooler they decided to make it customizable.

Source and more info:

The Lampster | A Lamp with Attitude

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