Once-Forgotten Garage Transformed into a Glowing Lakeside Cabin


Along Vashon Island in Washington state sits Garage, a gorgeously airy cabin overlooking the water. Designed by creative studio Graypants, the structure was repurposed from a once-forgotten garage, but now appears sleek and modern. It uses a combination of salvaged materials and vintage decor (including a century-old stove) to infuse a new, vibrant life into the residential space.

One of Garage’s most stunning characteristics is its use of glass. Both the walls and ceiling are lined with this transparent glazing, allowing light to permeate the space at nearly every turn, as well as offer a 360-degree view of the surrounding landscape. For the parts that do need to be concealed, Graypants has used copper cladding on the exterior and Corian for the front door.

The interior takes a minimalist approach to its decor. There’s a lot of free space, as beds and seating are hidden under the wooden floor panels. It leaves plenty of room for other activities, and this flexibility is central to the Garage mission, which is to “celebrate the beauty of everyday interactions.” As a result, there’s an air of mystery and poeticism that surrounds the cabin, captured in a short film. Check it out below.

Source and more info: Graypants Website | Instagram | Facebook
via [Yatzer]

Photography by Amos Morgan Photography.


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