A Real-Life Mermaid Who Swims With Sharks Using Her Fish Tail And Holds Breath For 2 Minutes

Hannah takes photographs in the ocean with many different creatures but mostly whales, dolphins, sharks and manta rays in an act of advocacy for their plight.

The mermaid in particular as a character, represents a unique bridge between the human and ocean world. Hannah is hoping to inspire a connection back to nature, and offer a voice to communicate the environmental issues that face us in regards to ocean health.

“The ocean is our life blood. If we mess it up with pollution, overfishing, and killing these incredible species that hold the knowledge and the wisdom of the ocean, it’s only a matter of years before the rest of civilization crumbles. We can’t survive without the ocean. It’s the womb of the world. We are 70% water. We must realize that we have a completely symbiotic relationship with the ocean.” -Hannah Mermaid (via BoredPanda)

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via Isla Rose; BoredPanda

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